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MAP: A New Chart of the Vast Atlantic Ocean Exhibiting the Seat of War Both in Europe and America 1755

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Publisher: Reproduction map of original,

Originally produced by Emmanuel Bowen about 1755, our reprint is a fascinating example of 18th century mapmaking. Centered on the Atlantic Ocean, the map shows the eastern coast of North America, from New France to the West Indies. Western Europe and West Africa are also depicted from Ireland to the Slave Coast. Early settlements in North America are identified as well as the usual shipping routes from the Old World to the New. For those interested in pre-Revolutionary A... View more info

MAP: British North America: 1777

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Publisher: Reproduction map of original,

Entitled "The British Colonies in North America", this map was originally published in 1777 in London by William Faden for inclusion in his North American Atlas. Showing the continent from present-day Canada to Florida and as far west as present day Texas and the Plains States, this map locates Indian nations, British colonies, early settlements and natural features such as mountains and rivers. The province of Quebec extends well into the upper Mississippi Valle... View more info

Image for Through Colonial Doorways

Through Colonial Doorways

By: Anne Hollingsworth Wharton

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Heritage Books,

The author invites the reader to enter "through the broad doorways of some Colonial homes into the hospitable life within" in order to gain insight into the social and domestic life of Colonial days revealed by correspondence, journal entries, and anecdotes. Numerous brief excerpts from letters and diaries enliven these pages, and every page is generously peppered with names and vivid detail. Glimpse the festivities of the Meschianza; drop in at New York balls an... View more info

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The American Family in the Colonial Period

By: Arthur W. Calhoun

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Publisher: Dover Publications,

"... profound sociological study."--American Economic ReviewThe result of years of research, analysis, and thoughtThe most complete, fundamental, and authoritative treatment of the subject--a classicFirst published in the early twentieth century, this book contributed significantly to an understanding of the forces at work in the evolution of family institutions in the United States. The first of a three-volume series, the text describes the American ... View more info

Woman’s Life in Colonial Days

By: Carl Holliday

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Publisher: Dover Publications,

What was life like for women in the American colonies? This classic study suggests that, in spite of hardships, many colonial women led rich, fulfilling lives. Drawing on letters, diaries and contemporary accounts, the author thoroughly depicts the lives of women in the New England and Southern colonies. Thoughtfully written, well-documented account. View more info

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Down and Out in Early America

By: edited by Billy G. Smith.

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Publisher: Pennsylvania State University Press, c2004

It has often been said that early America was the "best poor man's country in the world." After all, wasn't there an abundance of land and a scarcity of laborers? The law of supply and demand would seem to dictate that most early American working people enjoyed high wages and a decent material standard of living. Down and Out in Early America presents the evidence for poverty versus plenty and concludes that financial insecurity was a widespread problem that plag... View more info

Colonial Living

By: Edwin Tunis

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Publisher: Johns Hopkins University Press, 1999

Colonial Living is EdwinTunis's a vigorous re-creation of 17th- and 18th-century America--of the everyday living of those sturdy men and women who carved a way of life out of the wilderness. In lively text and accurate drawings we see the dugouts and wigwams of New England's first settlers and the houses they learned to build against the cruel winters; the snug Dutch and Flemish farmhouses of Nieuw Amsterdam; the homes of the early planters in the South which would one d... View more info

Image for Some Cursory Remarks Made by James Birket in His Voyage to North America, 1750-1751

Some Cursory Remarks Made by James Birket in His Voyage to North America, 1750-1751

By: James Birket

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Publisher: Heritage Books,

Little is known about the author other than what can be gleaned from this journal. He communicated with merchants of the mainland American colonies, and probably acted as correspondent and factor for them in their commercial dealings with residents of the island of Antigua in the Caribbean. His observations show the mercantile bent of his mind and contain information that is not easy to obtain elsewhere. Birket notes the weather, as was typical of diarists of the time, b... View more info

Image for The Cultural Life of the American Colonies

The Cultural Life of the American Colonies

By: Louis B. Wright

Price: $15.95

Publisher: Dover Publications,

A sweeping survey of 150 years of colonial history (1607-1763), this volume offers authoritative, perceptive views on developments in religion, literature, education, and social thought. Written with wit and panache by a brilliant scholar and specialist in the colonial era, it covers such topics as the colonies' agrarian society and leadership; influence of non-English elements; variety of religions and zeal for education; reading habits and the desire for learning; lite... View more info

Image for The Germans in Colonial Times

The Germans in Colonial Times

By: Lucy Forney Bittinger

Price: $25.50

Publisher: Heritage Books,

This excellent book gives a fine presentation of German history in America down through the American Revolution. Chapter headings include: Conditions in Germany which led to Emigration; Germantown; The Labadists in Maryland; The Woman in the Wilderness; German Valley, New Jersey; Kocherthal's Colony; The Great Exodus of the Palatines; Pequae and the Mennonites; The Dunkers and Ephrata; The Schwenkfelder and Christopher Dock; The Progress of Settlement in the Valley of Vi... View more info

Image for The American Colonies: From Settlement to Independence

The American Colonies: From Settlement to Independence

By: R. C. Simmons

Price: $14.95

Publisher: W. W. Norton, 1981

About AuthorR.C. Simmons is Professor of American History at the University of Birmingham, England.Reviews"An extraordinarily judicious and intelligent synthesis of a vast literature." —Jack P. Greene "The American Colonies brings the burgeoning scholarship on early America under control and provides students with a graceful, rigorous introduction to American colonial history." —Robert M. Calhoon, Journal ... View more info