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MAP: Iowa and Eastern Nebraska: 1864

By: N/A

Price: $7.95

Publisher: Reproduction map of original:

Seller ID: T10

Issued by A.J. Johnson in 1864, this maps shows both counties and townships in Iowa. The 32 eastern most counties in Nebraska are depicted, as well as Indian reservations, roads, trails, and small settlements in both areas. View more info

MAP: Iowa: 1873/74

By: N/A

Price: $7.95

Publisher: Reproduction map of original:

Seller ID: S18

A faithful reproduction of Asher and Adams' original 1873/74 lithograph, this map depicts the state during a time of rapid expansion, showing railway lines, cities, towns, county lines, and other important features. View more info

MAP: Iowa: 1880/81

By: N/A

Price: $7.95

Publisher: Reproduction map of original:

Seller ID: S35

With an inset view of Des Moines, this map from our Centennial collection is useful for locating counties, numbered townships, and the numerous small towns and villages throughout the state. Railways are also identified. View more info

This State of Wonders: The Letters of An Iowa Frontier Family, 1858-1861

By: edited by John Kent Folmar.

Price: $19.95

Publisher: University of Iowa Press: 1991, 1986

Seller ID: 453411

When the John Hugh Williams family immigrated to Homer, Iowa, in the 1850s, they had six children, ranging in age from five to twenty. Suddenly land poor, in debt, and caught in the Panic of '57, they sent their eldest son, James, to Georgia to work and add to the family income.The seventy-five letters collected here represent the family's correspondence to their absent son and brother. From 1858 to 1861, James' sisters, brothers, mother, and father wrote to him freq... View more info

Image for Boy Life on the Prairie

Boy Life on the Prairie

By: Hamlin Garland Introduction by B. R. McElderry Jr.

Price: $31.00

Publisher: University of Nebraska Press: 1961

Seller ID: 250703

In Boy Life on the Prairie, Hamlin Garland's aim was "to tell directly and specifically what it was like to grow up in northeast Iowa in the years just after the Civil War. It may be safely said that no one else has given so clear and informative an account. . . . Ploughing, harvesting, and husking corn could be bitter toil for a boy, and this he makes us see. But this was not the whole of a boy's life. The coming of spring, the games at school, and the Fourth of Jul... View more info

History of Spirit Lake Massacre!

By: Lorenzo Porter Lee

Price: $6.25

Publisher: Heritage Books:

Seller ID: L3405

As indicated by the title, this event caused quite a sensation. The Gardiner family had moved from Seneca, New York, to the lovely little settlement of Spirit Lake on the Iowa frontier. Local Indians, apparently feeling deprived of provisions, descended upton the settlement, killing the men and children, and capturing fourteen-year-old Abigail and three other women. She endured a terrifying ordeal of brutality and hardship on her six-week journey to the Sioux village whe... View more info

Image for The Follinglo Dog Book: A Norwegian Pioneer Story from Iowa

The Follinglo Dog Book: A Norwegian Pioneer Story from Iowa

By: Peder Gustav Tjernagel, Foreword by Wayne Franklin, Afterword by Peter Tjernagel Harstad

Price: $19.95

Publisher: University of Iowa Press:

Seller ID: 45678X

The Follinglo Dog Book both is and is not about dogs. The dogs are certainly here: from Milla to Chip the Third, we encounter a procession of heroic if often unfortunate creatures who, along with their immigrant masters, led a hard life on the nineteenth-century American frontier. However, if you pick up this book thinking it will offer a heartwarming read about canine experiences, you will find yourself reinformed by the way it unfolds.Instead, these are the stories... View more info