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CD: Joannes Nevius and His Descendants

By: A. Van Doren Honeyman

Price: $19.95

Publisher: Heritage Books,

Descendants of Joannes Nevius (1627-1900), and surnames: Nevius, Nevyus, Neafie, Neafus, Neefus, Nafis, Nafie, Nafey, Naphey, Napheys and Naphis. View more info

Image for The Rollins Family in the New Hampshire Provincial Deeds, 1655-1771

The Rollins Family in the New Hampshire Provincial Deeds, 1655-1771

By: Alden M. Rollins

Price: $21.00

Publisher: Heritage Books,

This new research guide is sure to earn a place among the invaluable resources on the bookshelves of genealogists and other researchers interested in the early settlers of New Hampshire. John Rodman Rollins' 1874 book, Records of Families of the Name Rawlins or Rollins in the United States, still stands as a benchmark despite its numerous errors and omissions. With these thoroughly researched and meticulously documented abstracts, however, Alden M. Rollins has provided a... View more info

CD: The Massey Family of Worcester County, Maryland

By: Barbara Massey Horsman

Price: $18.00

Publisher: Heritage Books,

This genealogy covers 13 generations of Masseys in the US (1565-present), predominantly in Accomac Co., VA, Sussex Co., DE, and the MD counties of Worcester, Somerset and Wicomico. Contains individual biographies, land transactions, wills and abbreviated histories of related families, including Birch, Brittingham, Coffin, Fassett, Gray, Hastings, Kollock, Littleton, Powell, Rodney, Stockley, Taylor, White, Thittington and Wise. All source materials are identified. The in... View more info

CD: A Complete Record of the John Olin Family

By: C. C. Olin

Price: $13.00

Publisher: Heritage Books,

The First of that Name Who Came to America in the Year A. D. 1678. Containing an Account of their Settlement and Genealogy up to the Present Time 1893 by C. C. Olin. In 1678, at 14 years of age, John Olin was arrested on the coast of Wales and forced aboard a British man-of-war that later landed in Boston Harbor, where he deserted at the first opportunity and migrated to Rhode Island. He built a life in East Greenwich, married Susanna Spencer in 1708 and established his ... View more info

Blackburn to Baltimore: A Marsden Family Genealogy

By: Charles Albert Earp

Price: $7.50

Publisher: Heritage Books,

This is a genealogy of a principal branch of the Marsden family of Lancashire, England, which migrated to Baltimore, Maryland, early in the nineteenth century. The preparation of this slender volume involved extensive research into English and American records at the Enoch Pratt Library, the Peabody Institute, Baltimore City and County court houses, and the Maryland Historical Society in Baltimore; the Maryland Hall of Records in Annapolis, Maryland; The National Archive... View more info

CD: Seventy Years on the Frontier: Alexander Majors’ Memoirs of a Lifetime on the Border with a Preface by “Buffalo Bill” (General W. F. Cody)

By: Colonel Prentiss Ingraham

Price: $15.95

Publisher: Heritage Books,

Alexander Majors was a man of action rather than words, yet his memoirs are a history of the Wild West and, although many of the scenes are romantic and thrilling, he presents a factual picture of the times and the men who made history with him. His recollection of his seventy years upon the frontier shows a life lived in a period of time "that tried men's souls to the fullest extent…when daring deeds and thrilling adventures were of every-day occurrence." He... View more info

Image for The Descendants of James and Deborah Oldfield of Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas

The Descendants of James and Deborah Oldfield of Indiana, Iowa, and Kansas

By: Dale D. Webster

Price: $24.50

Publisher: Heritage Books,

This book covers seven generations of Oldfields, beginning with James, Sr., who was born about 1762 in England and died in 1849 in Indiana. James was married to Deborah Jackson, b. about 1767 in England. Deborah also died in 1849 in Indiana. James and Deborah, with their three children, Ruth, James Jr., and George, immigrated to the U.S. from London, England, probably in the summer of 1824. James was in his early sixties at the time, and James Jr. was twenty-one. This bo... View more info

The Indigenous Roots of a Mexican-American Family

By: Donna S. Morales and John P. Schmal

Price: $26.50

Publisher: Heritage Books,

In their second collaboration together, the authors begin their narration by taking the reader back thousands of years to reveal the complex and fascinating history of Mexico's Indian tribes, and conclude with the story of nine generations of the Indian-Mexican-American Morales family. Prior to the arrival of the Spaniards, an incredible diversity of aboriginal peoples lived in the area we now know as Mexico. After the conquest of the Aztecs, the greatest challenge to co... View more info

CD: John/Jean Poinset ( - by 1739) of Burlington, New Jersey, Pierre Poinset l'aine ( -1699) of Charles Town, South Carolina and Some of Their Descendants

By: Doris Jean Post Poinsett

Price: $8.00

Publisher: Heritage Books,

Before 1700 two immigrants, John/Jean Poinset and Pierre Poinset l'aine, settled in different proprietary colonies of America, New Jersey and South Carolina. This work is limited to the first three generations of descendants of the two families, John/Jean and Elizabeth (Moreau/Murrow) Poinset and Pierre l'aine and Sarah (Fauchereau) Poinset. The book is divided into three parts. Part One introduces a historical background and early records in Europe of the name Poinset/P... View more info

CD: Makintosh, Macintosh, McIntosh: Descendants of Alexander-1 Macintosh and his Wife, Clara Younghause/Junghans

By: Frances S. Drisko

Price: $24.00

Publisher: Heritage Books,

Now on CD-ROM! Alexander-1 MacIntosh, most certainly descended from the historic line of MacIntosh and the Clan Chattan, came to NY State c1740; married the palatine Clara Younkhause/Junghans. This genealogy covers both the male and female lines, many through 9 generations. Some of the almost 800 family names associated with this MacIntosh line include: Cease, Crawford, Greenough, Kiff, Smith, Sterling, Strever and Tanner. View more info

CD: The Descendants of Nicholas Parlin of Cambridge, Massachusetts

By: Frank Edson Parlin, A.M., Ph.D

Price: $15.95

Publisher: Heritage Books,

Nicholas Parlin (b. c1640) first appears in the records of Cambridge, Massachusetts, about 1660. He married Sarah Hanmore in 1665 and they had eight children. He moved to Concord in about 1680 and died there in 1722. This book follows his descendants through the nineteenth century and contains illustrations and a full name index. The introduction explains the origin of the surname Parlin from the Scottish Highland Clan Pharlane, or MacFarlane, and gives a description of ... View more info

The John Pyne Family in America: Decendants of John Pyne (1766-1813) of Charleston, S.C.

By: Frederick Wallace Pyne

Price: $20.00

Publisher: Heritage Books,

John Pyne imigrated from Ireland, ariving in Charleston, S.C. in 1808. Covers his ancestors and the related descendants of Adams, Bankhead, Barretto, Braun, Burrill, Cary, Correia, Cowley, Crow, DiGiacomo, Edwards, Guest, Hover, Hutchinson, Kennedy, Lewis, Lundie, March, Marr, Morris, Mulford, Neilson, Newhall, Oliver, Ostrander, Parker, Patterson, Perry, Roberts, Saliba, Shadduck, Schreiber, Smelser, Washburn, Way and Whitelock. View more info

CD: History of the Ancient Ryedales and their Descendants in Normandy, Great Britain, Ireland, and America from 860 to 1884: Comprising the Genealogy and Biography, for about One Thousand Years, of The Families of Riddell, Riddle, Ridlon, Ridley, Etc.

By: G. T. Ridlon

Price: $19.95

Publisher: Heritage Books,

Undertaken in 1872 and requiring twelve years to complete, this book includes much more biographical information than most genealogies, and is a descriptive anthology of family history. It traces the family lines from the ancient Scandinavian Northmen to those who eventually settled in Scotland, Ireland, England, America and Canada. View more info

CD: The Moore Family in America

By: George L. Moore

Price: $15.95

Publisher: Heritage Books,

This work is an account of Shildes Moore, and Blandana Risdon, his wife, and their descendants from their arrival in the colonies and location at Baltimore in 1732; where Moore and a brother-in-law, Risdon, engaged in the sale of gold and silver bullion. This sketch, that covers a period of one hundred and fifty-nine years, gives as far as possible, the age, educational advantages, marriage relation, occupation, religious faith and political affiliation, of each, as well... View more info

CD: A Pioneer of 1850, George Willis Read, 1819-1880. The record of a journey overland from Independence, Missouri, to Hangtown (Placerville), California, in the spring of 1850, with a letter from the Diggings in October of the same year and an account of a journey from New York to California via Panama, in 1862, capture by the confederate raider Alabama, etc., and a visit to the Nevada silver mining district in 1863

By: Georgia Willis Read

Price: $15.95

Publisher: Heritage Books,

This volume is a record of a journey overland from Independence, Missouri, to Hangtown (Placerville), California, in the spring of 1850, with a letter from the Diggings in October of the same year and an account of a journey from New York to California, via Panama, in 1862, capture by the Confederate raider, Alabama, and a visit to the Nevada silver mining district in 1863. The author's father was well suited to keep a "dispassionate appraisal of the journey. Train... View more info